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Wire wound cartridge filter performance is introduced

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Keywords: wire-wound filter

keyword description: wire-wound filter filtration performance is introduced

wire wound filter is a kind of deep filter element, is used for the quality of low viscosity, low noise filtering, is a textile fiber line ( Polypropylene line, degreased cotton thread, etc. ) , according to the specific process of precision winding in the porous skeleton ( Pp or stainless steel) Made above, with a thin dense honeycomb structure, can effectively remove the suspended solids in the fluid, particles, rust and other sundry, has the very good filtering characteristics. One, main performance: 1. High filtration precision, small pressure difference and large flow, carrying large amount, long service life; 2. Outside the filter aperture within small to big, deep has good filtering effect; 3. Filter made of a variety of different materials, to ensure that all kinds of liquid filtration requirements, to achieve the best filtering effect. Second, the main technical performance indicators: 1, the filtration precision: 1 & mu; m,5μ 米,10μ; m,20μ 米,30亩; 米,50亩; 米、75亩; 米、100亩; m; : 2, cartridge diameter & phi; φ60毫米; 65mm; 3, cartridge diameter: & phi; 28毫米,φ; 30mm; 4, polypropylene wire wound filter water ph class, the organic solution, such as chemical solution temperature & le; 60 ℃ 5, absorbent cotton fiber filter center for stainless steel rod materials used in organic solvent, water, oil, alkaline solution, beverage, medicine, etc. , using temperature is 120 ℃. 6, filter length: 10 & Prime; ,20 '; ,30 '; 40 '; 7, the highest pressure: & le; 0. 5MPa; The maximum pressure drop: 0. 2MPa。 Line 8, the highest working temperature: polypropylene, polypropylene skeleton & le; 60℃; Stainless steel frame & le; 80℃。 Absorbent cotton: stainless steel skeleton & le; 120℃。 Second, the product application field: 1, filtered water: such as prefiltering, ultrapure water system in processing, beverage prefiltering water treatment; Filtering: 2, food industry, such as cooking oil, vegetable oil filter, syrup, chocolate, etc all kinds of slurry filter; 3, chemical industrial filtering: such as plating solution liquid filter, filter paint, oil, paint, mechanical oil, cutting oil, heavy oil, fuel filter, high viscosity resin, oil filter, pharmaceutical filtering;
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