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Wire wound filter CRL series

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21

wire wound cartridge CRL series

wire wound filter series of CRL performance purpose:

line around the filter cartridge is made up of the textile fiber yarn precision winding in the porous skeleton. Control layer winding density and filter hole shape, made of different filtration precision filter, the filter element of the structure can be effectively out suspended solids in liquid, particles, etc.
at the same time able to withstand higher pressure filter ( Withstand voltage. MPa) 。 This series of filter have good compatibility, have higher residue in load capacity.

wire wound filter CRL series technical parameters:
working medium: water, air,
working pressure: polypropylene skeleton & le; 。 MPa stainless steel skeleton & le; 。 MPa
working temperature: the temperature of the glass fiber filter material & le; The temperature of the hungry material & le ℃ absorbent cotton fibers; ℃ the rest & le; ℃
length specifications: & Prime; ″ ″ ″ Mm diameter specification:

wire wound filter series of CRL areas of application:
a. The pharmaceutical industry ( Antibacterial pharmaceutical prefiltering etc. )
c food and beverage industry. The oil industry ( Oilfield water injection filtering)
d. The electronics industry, High pure water prefiltering)
e. Chemical industry ( All kinds of acid and alkali organic solvent filtration)

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