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Wire wound filter performance

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
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wire wound filter is a kind of skeleton by PP or stainless steel skeleton on winding set according to the specific density of za different alignment procedure of the textile fiber roving open into a filter, filter hole filter filter industry is the only professional term, in order to purify the original ecological resources and resource recycling, and need of purification equipment, now filter is mainly used in oil filter, air filter, water filter, air filter and other filter industry. Remove fluid body or a small amount of solid particles in the air, can the normal work of the protection device and the air is clean, when the fluid is placed into a certain size of filter cartridge, the impurity is blocked, and clean flow through the filter out. Filter source filter wire wound filter list name specifications precision maximum differential pressure wire wound filter 10, 20, 30, 40 inches 0. 5 ~ 100. 5 fold the microporous membrane filter 10, 20, 30, 41 inches 0. 1 ~ 50 0. 4 PP melt-blown cartridge 10, 20, 30, 42 inches 0. 5 ~ 100. 4 activated carbon filter, 10, 20, 30, 43 inches & hellip; 0. 4 wire wound filter characteristics of liquid filtration is used for the quality of low viscosity, low noise, small resistance, large flow, high carrying quantity, and corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, good pressure resistance, strong chemical compatibility, etc. Folding microporous membrane filter characteristics of broad chemical compatibility, low differential pressure, flow, water and gas, high filtration precision, can be repeated washing, repeat sterilization PP melt-blown filter features low cost, broad chemical compatibility, deep filtration, large flux, high filtration precision. Weak acid and alkali resistant, and most of the organic solvent and inorganic dissolved qi, mildew resistance. Activated carbon filter characteristic deep filter, excessive, acid and alkali resistant, heat resistant. The peculiar smell, chlorine and other harmful gases has strong adsorption ability. Guangzhou filter source water filter equipment co. , LTD. Is China's first development and production of water filter various types of products are: PP wire wound filter, PP folded filter, PP melt-blown filter, activated carbon filter, resin filter, big flow filter, and provide the matching equipment professional factories, was also the first three development line around the filter, and participate in the formulation of the chemical wire wound type filter core ( Water filter) One of the industry standard drafting unit. Sincerely look forward to cooperation with you! 。
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