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With folding the function of the protective layer of water purifiers activated carbon filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
With the advance of society, economy and production development in our country, the people for material life, the increasing demand of environmental protection and health, people also more and more high to the requirement of domestic water, water is the source of the heavens and the earth, water is the source of all things, all sorts of creatures are inseparable from the water, today small make up take you to get to know with folding the function of the protective layer of water purifiers activated carbon filter. Folded filter layer and new high efficiency new nano silver antibacterial material is introduced into the fold nonwoven fiber materials of the new technology, and designed a folding layer of activated carbon filter water purifier, so as to complete the utility model. The purpose of the utility model is to provide a protective layer with folding of the water purifier filter, activated carbon has a folding layer water purifiers activated carbon filter, including water formed in the activated carbon filter and filter of cavity, there are protective cover on both ends of the filter outlet, protection on the end cover is equipped with rubber gaskets, folded non-woven filter layer around the compression traffic control around, activated carbon filter to form a circle outside protective layer. Activated carbon filter of radial peripheral set in turn have a filter layer, protective online with non-woven fabric; Cloth filter in the water cavity is 8 with non-woven protective layer, according to the invention of activated carbon filter, water purifiers folded outer protective layer and protective layer non-woven fabric made of chemical fiber, cotton or carbon fiber.
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