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With folding water bag water filter replacement filter bag filter type fixed end cover

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
This product is the company's research and development production of bag type water filter is replaced with folding water filter bag filter, using the folding water filter is bigger than previous water filter bag filter area, improve the filtering accuracy and filtering flow is bigger also, the initial pressure difference is small; So can be done less filter high flow filtration. Thus reduces the cost of investment, get the favour of many customers.

folding wave filter area increase process, high flow rate, long life and capacity of large amount of sludge;
add inside and outside the enhanced skeleton high mechanical strength, resistance to pressure is out of shape not easily;
by outside introversion filtering impurities trapped inside the filter doesn't contaminate the next step;
large flow with less folding water filter to complete more water filter work, greatly saving the cost of open information;

water filter end cover 6 inch opening diameter

length size 32 inch filter material: polypropylene/PP
filter sealing material: eyes rubber, fluorine rubber
operating temperature: 5 - 80 c
recommended maximum operating differential pressure: 3. 4 bar
the pressure difference between the conversion are recommended in: 2. 4 bar

the food industry, beverage industry, wine industry, etc.

the microelectronics industry, printing industry RO reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration system preliminary filter before
the boiler water softening
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