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With the rule of law means to control the groundwater pollution

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
After the haze weather, the groundwater pollution to the environment problem become a hot spot. To declare war on groundwater pollution is urgently needed. Perhaps, only when each subject water treatment, sewage through the filter, and depth of discharging standard, just can have a real beautiful China shamrock, self-identify, water net.
water pollution prevention law of our country has developed a 29 years, and the earth's surface and groundwater pollution is still severe. To make water into clean water, the urgent task is to make the rule of law. To be specific, the government should be timely to enact and amend relevant legal standards and strict law enforcement, enterprises should strictly abide by the law and its environmental social responsibility, shall have the right to public participation in environmental decision-making, supervision and environmental violations.
nationally, groundwater pollution situation is not optimistic. 2000-2002, the ministry of land and resources has made investigation, at that time, the national Ⅰ to Ⅲ class standard of groundwater resources, and 63%. In 2009, after the eight provinces such as Beijing, liaoning, 641 Wells of water quality analysis, water quality Ⅳ classes to Ⅴ accounted for 73. 8%. In 200 cities across the country, and in 2011, the groundwater water quality monitoring, 'extremely bad' poor water quality monitoring was 55%. Can be seen in recent years, our country groundwater water quality deterioration trend is very obvious.
from the technical analysis, solid waste stacking, landfill leachate, petrochemical industry, exploration, mining and other activities, and even the surface water, groundwater pollution can be caused. But there is no doubt that companies will not discharge sewage filtering treatment and directly to the underground is also important reasons. Many cases, some companies are using or pits, crevices or karat caves, in to discharge or dump toxic or harmful raw sewage treatment of waste water, cause pollution. Last year during the Spring Festival is the most typical, because some companies use underground cave malicious discharge of high concentration wastewater containing cadmium, longjiang major water pollution incidents in guangxi.
in fact, the law on the prophylaxis and control of water pollution in our country has banned. Article 35. The provisions, for example, it is forbidden to use the pits and crevices or to discharge or dump waste water, sewage, etc. , has been clear about the article seventy-six of this punishment. The public security organs can also impose administrative detention on the offender even shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. Under the law, the enterprise also dare to straight line to the underground without filter sewage, the lack of the rule of law is rooted in reality.
to underground discharge of untreated sewage, apparently more hidden than towards the surface drainage. Even if found, fines of 50000 yuan to 500000 yuan, also required to hard bone. Reality, the environmental protection departments have intention to not intentional of law enforcement is lax to further reduce the enterprise's illegal costs and the public to report also often fruitless. Congenital deficiency of legislation and law enforcement of the weak, for groundwater pollution ultimately more and more serious.
in most developed countries have encountered serious water pollution situation. For example, the river Thames in 1878 killed 640 people in the cruise ship sinking, and subsequent investigation found that most of the victims were died of the serious pollution poisoning; In Cleveland, Ohio cuyahoga river had been held many times by a serious pollution on fire; Japanese kumamoto and niigata 'minamata disease' led to the deaths of thousands of people. These countries in the sixties and seventies of the 20th century after related water pollution prevention law, on the one hand, the government strictly law enforcement, barriers, on the other hand, government departments and the public through information disclosure, public participation and environmental public interest litigation methods such as forming a good interaction, changed the face of the water pollution.
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