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Zhejiang huzhou out the water treatment industry development to promote environmental protection plan

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Zhejiang now formed 2 water treatment equipment production base, one is the fuyang, another is huzhou, this two base is mainly producing all kinds of filters, as well as complete sets of pure water equipment, water-recovery equipment, has formed a certain scale in China.
recently, huzhou to build internationally competitive environmental protection water treatment industry base, recently introduced a 'promote environmental protection water treatment industry development plan'. And clearly by the end of 2015, strive for environmental protection water treatment industry by more than 8%, total output value of lake city development zone industrial park 15 20 environmental protection water treatment enterprise cluster scale, initially formed a centralized environmental protection water treatment equipment manufacturing base and the distributed enterprise rely on each other's environmental protection industry distribution pattern. At the same time puts forward five policy measures to promote:
1, establish and improve the organizational system. Set up environmental protection water treatment industry development leading group, set up department joint meeting system and the enterprise communication and consultation mechanism, focus on promoting the construction of pilot base membrane water treatment equipment, we will increase support for the enterprise.
2, intensify policy support. Set up special funds for environmental protection industry development special funds use and management methods, focus on environmental protection industry investment reward, guide enterprises increased investment in science and technology, support for small and mid-sized enterprise technology innovation public service platform construction, environmental protection industry, talent introduction and development of environmental protection, etc.
3, actively broaden the financing channels. Establishing and perfecting the government guidance, enterprise primarily and the diversity of society to participate in environmental protection industry investment and financing mechanism. Set up a 'green channel' for membrane water treatment enterprise provide financial support. Select excellent enterprises focus on developing and mentoring, efforts by public finance, 'twelfth five-year' period 1 - strive to cultivate the listed enterprises 2.
4, is to accelerate the cultivation of talent introduction. Effective utilization of NaTaiHu science and technology innovation center of the platform, establishing and perfecting incentive mechanism, take technical contribution, equity incentive, and other forms, reward, encourage technological innovation, build fosters the talent, attract talent, retain talent.
5, is supporting the mediation society construction. Active set of mediation, industry association and other groups, industry self-discipline and investment promotion and capital introduction, and other functions. Through the environmental protection industry association to strengthen huzhou communication, communication and collaboration between enterprises.
along with economic development, environmental protection industry with the high speed development, also recently because of the country's investment in five-year increase water treatment equipment, water treatment industry outlook, is a bright future.
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