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Zhejiang water treatment is briefly

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Zhejiang economic development, especially the textile printing and dyeing, paper making, the strength of the processing industry, such as mechanical processing, many factories export sales of the products exported to Europe, so the quality of product requirements is very high, so very high demand for the quality of production water, such as printing and dyeing water, must be treated with water softener, or purification processing to meet the needs of production, so the water treatment industry in shaoxing, the lake water treatment, water treatment industry in jiaxing development quickly, for such as shaoxing water softener, huzhou softener and jiaxing demineralized water equipment is also strong demand. After softening water dyeing, the quality is more bright-coloured, feel is good. So demineralized water equipment in the printing and dyeing industry is necessary water treatment equipment, with the shortage of human resources, manually before softening water equipment is not only inefficient, but also must be manned, configuration of consistent set of demineralized water a person take care, for the company costs a lot, so now fully automatic water softener in shaoxing, huzhou, jiaxing, jinhua and other places have gf, got a great promotion. Automatic softening water equipment automatic regeneration, automatic backwashing, is washed and switch to run automatically, without people watch, just make sure it is ok to have salt, salt box so in zhejiang water softener promotion to the development vigorously.
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