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Circulating cooling water treatment

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Circulating cooling water treatment has two parts, closed for the circulation cooling water softening water filter system and circulating water supply system.
circulating water filters commonly used process for dosing devices and quartz sand filter, he is the whole big system, including reservoir, pressure, and then into the cooling tower, and then to need cooling the cooling process, and then into the reservoir, in the process, because the floats in the air into the circulatory system, and the suspension of the pipeline corrosion, the water quality is cloudy, in the late then, purifying purification treatment main equipment is quartz sand filter. In this system, to join the quartz sand filter purification equipment, keep the water clean and protect the cooling tower and cooling artifacts from the destruction of the suspended solids.
but because in the process of cooling, due to the heat transfer, the cooling water temperature, will generate two adverse factors, first, the circulating water due to the temperature of cooling water loss, so you have to supply, second, because of the circulating water temperature, easier to scale, and in the circulating water evaporation, enrichment, calcium and magnesium ions are more likely to late so easier to scale corrosion, so the water circulating water supplies must be treated with softening, which requires the treatment of water softener water can enter into circulating water, if using surface water metaphor river water supplies, so not only should soften processing, but also need purification, purification processing mainly is the precision filter, quartz sand filter or after filtering and softening water as make-up water, better protect the structure and sedimentary cycle system components not sludge.
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