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Ultrafiltration polyethylene (PE) needle filters

Ultrafiltration polyethylene (PE) needle filters

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Ultrafiltration polyethylene (PE) needle filters 

1. PE material - Polyethylene (PE) is a popular ultrafiltration membrane material. It is chemical resistant, inexpensive and durable. PE needle filters are compatible with a wide range of chemicals, solvents and liquids. 

2. High flux - PE ultrafiltration membranes have a pore size of 0.01-0.1 microns and can achieve a high permeate flux of several to hundreds of liters per m2 per hour. The high flux provides high production efficiency and process speed. 

3. Selectivity - PE ultrafiltration membranes separate based on molecular weight cut-off. They can retain large molecules while allowing small molecules to pass through. This selectivity makes them suitable for separation, concentration and purification applications.

4. Heat resistance - Regular PE ultrafiltration membranes can withstand hot liquids of 50-70°C. PE needle filters made of engineering plastics can handle 90-120°C. High heat resistance expands their application range. 

5. Reusability - Some PE needle filters can be backwashed or chemically cleaned to remove fouling and particles on the filter core and reused. Reusability greatly prolongs filter life and reduces cost. 

6. Connections - PE needle filters typically come with stainless steel or plastic housings and provide common connectors such as threaded or flange connections to link with pipes or containers. The housing and connectors should seal properly to prevent leaks.

7. Specifications - PE needle filters come in low flow (<10L/min), medium flow (10-50L/min) and high flow (>50L/min) versions with filtration accuracy of 0.01 to 0.2 microns. You can choose appropriate specifications based on your application.

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