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What are MicronFiltration, pleated filters features and application?

What are MicronFiltration, pleated filters features and application?


Micron Filtration is Micron Pore Filtration. It is belonging to Precision filtration. Micron Filtration could filter out micron of bacteria and particles from liquids.


Microfiltration is widely used in terminal filtration of ultrapure water in the microelectronics industry, pretreatment of various industrial water supplies and treatment of drinking water. It is also an important tool for detecting subtle impurities and conducting scientific experiments in biomedical and cutting-edge technologies. The pleated filter cartridge is one part content of Micron Filtration in Membrane Filtration.


Lvyuan pleated filters are composed of pp housing, pp end caps, pp core, support layers, micro membrane.


Production Process is taking unique heating melt and welding manufacture technologies, without any adhesives or glues and without any pollute out. It is completely satisfied Food, beverage, wine, Chemical industry, pharmaceutics industry need. Our company pleated filter cartridge is totally according to the international standards to produce and has SGS certificates. 

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