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Why can a large flow water filter element replace an imported filter element?

by:Lvyuan      2022-01-27
The reason why the high-flow water filter element can replace the imported 3M water filter element is inseparable from its own characteristics and advantages. The main factors include the following aspects: 1. Compact design: use fewer filter elements and from outside to inside The flow direction design can reduce the size of the filter element. At a specific flow rate, compared with the filter elements of competitive products, the high-flow filter element occupies only half of the space of other filter elements. Therefore, the required investment cost is lower, and the compact system design can save valuable engineering space. 2. Easy to use: The design of the large flow filter element has always adhered to the concept of easy installation and replacement. The design of the installation handle at the end of the filter element conforms to the principles of ergonomics, and the installation and disassembly of the filter element is simple and convenient without the use of additional special tools; similarly, our rotary lock design can provide a reliable mechanical seal. The large-flow filtration system brings easier operation and lower maintenance costs for your production. Three: The parameters of the high-flow water filter element: length 40 inches/1016mm 60 inches/1524mm; sealing material: fluorine rubber ring; material: polypropylene; filtration area: 4 square meters; filtration accuracy: 1-100μm; 40 inches/5μm design Flow 28-35m3/H; 40-inch/10-20μm Design flow 35-55m3/H; 40-inch/40-70μm Design flow 50-65m3/H; 40-inch/70-100μm Design flow 60-783/H(1300pm ); Initial pressure drop: 0.025MPa; Replacement pressure drop: 2.4Bar; Allowable pressure drop: 3.5Bar; Operating temperature: 60℃; Filtration direction: from outside to inside.
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