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Air purifier filter replacement is introduced

by:Lvyuan Filter     2021-01-21
Recently, people focus on the haze weather, make the air purifier on the market more and more fire, many consumers are buying the purifier. However, many consumers may not know, air purifiers to use after a period of time, need to replace filters. Because most of the principle of air purifier or air filter to filter. When purifier use after a period of time, air purifier screen will accumulate a lot of dust, mold and other harmful substances. If you don't change timely filter, will cause the loss of the function of the purifier purify, build up the dirt on the screen, even mould to cause secondary pollution to the interior.
air purifier filter how long does it take to change a?
now itself can bring a lot of air purifier filter replacement of lights. When the screen indicator, consumers need to replace filters. One thousand filter no filter replacement lamp.
in front of an empty net filter through a vacuum cleaner for cleaning, also can undertake rinse under the tap, dry; For deodorization filter can be clean, can according to need, under the faucet to wash, for not cleaning the deodorization of mesh use fixed number of year, according to the specific models, please check the instruction; For in addition to formaldehyde mesh, must be replaced periodically, especially new decorate a room, the best in one year; The HEPA filter, general service life for up to 10 years, 2 - best 5 years for replacement, PM2. Serious problems of the five areas best replace 2 years; Humidifying filter if still cannot eliminate peculiar smell after cleaning, recommend replacing the filter, to the north humidifying function often use of words, 2 - best 3 years for replacement.
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