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PP Filter Cartridge

The PP filter, short for Polypropylene Filter, is a highly efficient and widely used filtration device in various industries including water treatment, air purification, and manufacturing processes. Made from non-woven polypropylene fibers, these filters excel in removing suspended particles, such as dust, sediment, and debris, from liquids or gases due to their microporous structure. 

PP filter cartridge boast excellent chemical resistance, durability, and are cost-effective, making them ideal for primary filtration stages where large contaminants need to be removed before more advanced filtration processes. They are also known for their low pressure drop, ensuring minimal energy consumption during operation, and are easily replaceable, contributing to their popularity in applications ranging from household and  industrial water treatment systems.

As a professional PP filter manufacturer, Lvyuan Filter provides pp water filter wholesale and customization services, welcome to contact us!

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