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sintered metal filter stainless steel filter cartridge

SSF series SUS304 316L stainless steel filter cartridge


1. Plain cylindrical design SS wiremesh filter cartridge.

    1. 2. Pleated configuration design SS folded mesh filter cartridge.
  2. 3. Sintered SS316 metal powder type SS filter cartridge.

Stainless steel filter element can get a large filtration area and with high flow rate. It extends cartridge life and have more dirt holding capacity. 


Moreover, The stainless steel filter cartridges are designed for cleanable and reusable applications thereby eliminating frequent cartridge change out, so it can significantly reduce disposal cost.


Non-standard Stainless steel filter cartridges can be easily customized with various dimension, end cap, outer cage pattern etc. So as long as customer give us the picture and drawing of the ss filter cartridge, we can custom-make the exact ss filter element to you.

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