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Activated carbon filter is how to produce

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Activated carbon is a kind of has a strong physical adsorption performance of porous material, its adsorption porosity is higher in the known material, through carbonization and activation of activated carbon can be made from many substances of high carbon content, such as coal, wood, bamboo and coconut shell, the small make up take you to understand how the activated carbon filter is produced. Activated carbon filter as remove the odor in the fluid, chlorine and volatile organic compounds ( VOC) , color, flavor and other pollutants effective method, has been widely in the field of industrial production and civil applications. Compared with traditional granular activated carbon filter, which has a longer service life and better adsorption performance, at the same time, with small granular, with high mechanical strength and low ash content, carbon block structure can prevent the channeling of carbon powder, bypass, fluidization or unloading. In order to prevent premature activated carbon layer block, filter contains a valid filter layer, is used to intercept gel and large particles, extrusion activated carbon filter using coconut shell charcoal, can provide arbitrary length and the end cover, satisfies the requirement of process applications.
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