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Depth of urban sewage purification equipment

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
I company for the zhejiang university 3 sets of automatic water industry supporting the production of quartz sand filter completion of delivery, the water sector is zhejiang university, zhejiang university school-run enterprises, is relying on zhejiang university water treatment equipment company, the production of three water purification equipment used in hainan boao town sewage purification treatment, biochemical, adopt the depth of the artificial wetland processing after processing, quartz sand filter can remove the impurities such as suspended solids in the water, further improve the clarity of water, reduce the turbidity.

automatic quartz sand filter adopts automatic flushing, pressure control and time control, the set pressure and time, without manual operation, automatic backwashing and then switch to the running water, the quartz sand filter backwashing time can be modified in the light of actual parameters, convenient and efficient.
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