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Pall pall high flow filter efficiency leads to the short service life?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Pall pall high flow filter is divided into several levels of filter, high flow filter generally adopt five layers folded form, which is a composite film of multilayer non-woven fabrics with different material. In order to adapt to the working condition of the different demand, high flow filter is designed respectively for three layer five layer fold, 6 fold, folding, folding, 9 seven fold, etc. , layer number of different filtration precision also have high and low. Pall pall high flow filter commonly used nine layers folded is less, the more layers of filter, which contain the filter layer, can match with finer filter membrane, rather than pure non-woven fabrics, non-woven mesh coarser, mesh is visible to the naked eye, even if the multilayer non-woven folding cannot achieve precise filtration effect. Containing composite membrane filter core, general control precision, interception efficiency is high, but relatively, dirty intercepted inside the filter, and unable to intercept compared sludge grain non-woven high flow filter, life will be shorter. Instead, most customers only look at life and prices, pall pall high flow filter if pure non-woven fabric production, nature price is low, long life, but on the contrary, unable to intercept most corrupt grain, can cause the level of technology of reverse osmosis membrane life greatly reduced. Want to learn more can inquire 1879061085, always welcome you!
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