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does putting cheap vodka through a water filter really make it better?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Catherine Lamb showed us how to make the most of the tight budget with a little creativity and a little planning
Without sacrificing taste and variety
Today: we test rumors about filtering vodka and share our findings with the world.
If you have been to a frat party in college, you will most likely encounter cheap vodka.
It is named Russian, packed in a plastic bottle and often poured into a bucket of jungle juice.
If you drink this cheap vodka, it is likely that you will wake up a little hangover the next day.
Don\'t be embarrassed. We \'ve all been there.
It was at one of the parties that I first heard such a rumor that if you filter cheap vodka a few times through a simple water filter it would taste like top-shelf stuff.
But will it be so easy?
Can the straw really spin into gold?
As a DIY enthusiast, I have to figure out the answer, especially when it comes to saving money.
First, a little background knowledge of vodka.
Made of fermented and distilled grains (
Such as corn, rye or wheat)
Vodka is usually distilled at least three times and passed through a charcoal filter before bottling and selling.
Since vodka does not have a unique flavor, you can distinguish between good and bad by texture and roughness.
A good vodka will go well and easily and a bad vodka will burn easily.
High quality spirits are distilled for a longer period of time and more thoroughly filtered
Basically, it\'s time to purify the vodka, which makes the grain itself more different.
Now, a bit of the background of the water filter.
The filtration system uses activated carbon to remove impurities such as zinc and copper to reduce chlorine
Taste of water.
In general, from the taste and composition point of view, the water filtered through the filter should eventually be more pure.
So, will the same rationale work when applied to something difficult?
Cheap vodka, filtered through the Brita filter, ends up getting smoother and purertasting?
Let\'s test it.
I did two rounds of testing: one was normal vodka,
Join the cocktail with vodka. For the pared-
In the vodka test, I gave my five sommelier three wine glasses per person: one with cheap vodka, one with the same cheap vodka with six passes through the Brita filter, A top fullshelf vodka.
The results are very consistent: all taste testers prefer top-
Shelf vodka, said it was smoother and easier to drink.
Three of the five can identify filtered vodka as a step above unfiltered, but it\'s still the alliance behind expensive things.
Cheap, Unfiltered vodka?
Let\'s say the word \"gasoline\" several times.
Next, I give the tester two versions of Basil-
Vodka Gimlet: one is made of cheap, filtered vodka;
The other one is made with the top. shelf vodka.
If I were a real scientist, I would make a third cocktail with unfiltered cheap vodka as a control.
Unfortunately, when I started shaking the gimlet, I realized that I had run out of everything that was not filtered, so I did a simplified test.
For this test, the panels are separated almost evenly: half prefer the top
Shelf vodka, which the other half likes to filter, says it has a \"cleaner flavor\" that makes the smell of basil and lime shine.
Conclusion: Have you tested the filter vodka hypothesis?
What was your discovery?
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